Cedar Creek Church of God grew from humble beginnings in 1912 when David Waddell began holding tent meetings, cottage services, and brush arbor meetings between 1912 and 1920.  In 1921 land was purchased from the W.G. Broyles family and a church was built bearing the name Broyles Chapel Church of God. 

After 54 years at Broyles Chapel church of God, the Congregation moved to it's current location at 2800 Cedar Creek Road and became Cedar Creek Church of God. 


Pastors of Broyles Chapel Church of God and Cedar Creek Church of God

James I. Turner
Fullen King
O.D. Bailey
George B. King
James T. Hooten
Rupert T. Green
Carson Reynolds
Benjamin A. Jenkins
Earl Nichols
Brice Casey
Orville Easterling
Bob Cole
Michael Cox
Dwayne Pierce
Darryl O. Allen
Andy Christiansen