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04/11/2021Pastor Charles Heater "A Study of Three Deaths" ()
Sunday Sermon 1 Samuel 26:21
I. Saul's Death II. Let's Look at the Next Death In our Analogy III. That Brings us to the Last of the Three Deaths in our Discussion
04/04/2021Pastor Charles Heater "It is Finished" ()
Sunday Sermon John 19:30
I. What was the "It"? II. What was Jesus really saying? III. What does this mean to You and Me?
03/28/2021Pastor Charles Heater "Christianity, A Demanding Religion" ()
Sunday Sermon Matthew 21: 1-11
I. No Suffering !!. No Service III. No Sacrifice
03/21/2021Pastor Charles Heater Silly Sweater Day "Three Strikes - Your In" ()
Sunday Sermon Romans 7:21
I. Strike One II. Strike Two III. Strike Three
03/14/2021Pastor Charles Heater "The Voice of Temptation - To Whom Will You Listen" ()
Sunday Sermon 1 Samuel 24:1-7
I. Facts about Revenge II. How Do We Handle Temptation For Revenge
03/07/2021Pastor Charles Heater Part 2 - "Up at the Bottom" & Crazy Hat Day Awards ()
Sunday Sermon 1 Samuel 22:1-2
I. The Cause For His Downer II. The Challenge: What Else Could Happen III. The Change: Why It Occurred

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