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04/11/2021Pastor Charles Heater "A Study of Three Deaths" ()
Sunday Sermon 1 Samuel 26:21
I. Saul's Death II. Let's Look at the Next Death In our Analogy III. That Brings us to the Last of the Three Deaths in our Discussion
02/14/2021Pastor Charles Heater "After the Victory" ()
Sunday Sermon 1 Samuel 17:15-18:9 & 18:1-9
I. What is life? II. If life is relationships, we had better learn how to. III. Proper relationships will keep us through the battle and after the battle.
01/24/2021Pastor Charles Heater and "An Opportunity for Faith" ()
Sunday Sermon 1 Samuel 13:1-14
I. What do we do when we are outnumbered? II. What to do when nothing seems to be happening. III. What do we do when spiritual leadership seems to lag behind? IV. What do we do after Disobedience?
01/31/2021Pastor Charles Heater "Big David and the Little Giant" ()
Sunday Sermon 1 Samuel 17: 37, 47, 50
I. Reflection II. Reverence III. Resolve IV. Reward
03/28/2021Pastor Charles Heater "Christianity, A Demanding Religion" ()
Sunday Sermon Matthew 21: 1-11
I. No Suffering !!. No Service III. No Sacrifice
01/24/2021Velvet Seaton "Following the Leader" ()
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